Customized Digital Wallet Using Memento Building Blocks

Because we understand that money is social and payments are the key to the customer's financial live, we are reinventing the way banks build real relationships that last.

By bridging our API Base with your existing services you have everything you need to adopt all our modules in any form you like. You can easily add, remove and customize the modules we offer.

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Next Generation of Digital Wallets

The next generation of mobile money applications are those that are built around the consumer’s financial lives. Much of their financial life is shared, social and in common with others and it often takes place on Facebook and Whatsapp rather than in any bank’s app. We are building a platform that allows banks to understand the context and relevancy of reaching into these interactions; both pulling and pushing personal data as it applies to social payments. We offer:

  • White label digital wallet
  • A suite of wallet-modules
  • A powerful API that integrates on top of existing infrastructure
  • Seamless integration with social media
  • Best practice UX/UI
  • Notifications of in-apps activities
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Wallet is more than managing cards

The best digital wallet does not only store your cards and bank accounts. It also has to make it possible for you to pay both friends and merchants, at any time and in any social context.

We provide modules such as

  • User profile and user management
  • Card management and core wallet features
  • P2P Payments including bill-splitting and social integration
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Online payments
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Supported by a complete data and user management system

Your customer service team needs a powerful data and user management system to have a complete real-time overview of the traffic in the system.

  • Simple and intuitive UX/UI
  • Real-time signup- & transactions history
  • In-built logging
  • Fraud detection
  • User access control
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