Memento, Islandsbanki and Klefinn join forces to enable Iceland’s most prominent athletes to raise money for their training to qualify for the 2020 Olympic games.

In 2017 Islandsbanki deployed Memento’s money-pool platform to their digital wallet app, Kass. The platform allows users to create money pools for others to chip in, privately or publicly.

Klefinn is a community of athletes that are striving to meet the minimums for the 2020 Olympics. Their goal is to share their journey with their countrymen, focusing on their success as well as the challenges they meet along the way. One of the challenges in a small community like Iceland is raising money to be able to keep up their training – and that’s where Memento’s technology comes in.

When was launched, Islandsbanki and Memento wanted to help out by giving access to Kass and the money-pool feature within. Each athlete has their own money-pool where donations can be made, giving the athletes supporters an easy way to take part in their journey.
Kass was built on the ideology that money sharing is social and that is a great fit for athletes who are part of the community, they are now able to share their money-pool on social media and gain awareness and support.

The Memento team is extremely proud to be a part of this venture, perhaps now more than ever as the 2020 Olympics have been postponed for a year and the athletes will need all the financial and mental support they can get.