Memento wins App of the Year 2016

Kass got a trophy on its 1st birthday

  • gunnar

Every year, the Icelandic Web Industry Association nominates the best digital products in each category. This great harvesting festival of the digital industry in Iceland was held last week. Kass, the social digital wallet designed and developed by Memento and published and supported by Islandsbanki was voted the App of the year exactly one year after it was launched. Many great apps have won this awards in the past, such as the beloved bus app Stræto and of course the fast growing quiz-game Quiz Up.

“Kass is a stylish app with intuitive interface which is inspired by Snapchat. In a very fast way, it’s possible to set up and get your social payments in order.” – The committee

I wrote about the co-operation with Islandsbanki in one of my previous blog posts “When a bank became a startup”. Kass is now on its way to become the standard for paying friends and family in Iceland and we’re pleased to hear that the experts like the product as much as the users.