Memento has made an agreement with a US based Marygold and Co. to build a new banking solution. The new solution is aimed at young professionals in the San Francisco area that live by the FIRE lifestyle ( Financial Independent Retire Early) – a growing trend around the world, a lifestyle where people live sustainably and take control of their financial health.


“Marygold & Co. is launching a state-of-the-art digital banking service in the United States coming summer of 2020.  It was critical to find an experienced and flexible development partner to help us architect a platform that embraces an exciting mix of 3rd party fintech integrations.  We selected Memento Payments as our partner because of their successful experience with Kass in the Icelandic market and their flexibility working with our processing, fintech and network bank partners in the US.  Marygold & Co. has an aggressive roadmap to bring modern payments and money management tools to the US market and is secure in our partnership with Memento Payments to support our vision and scale with us.”  Chad Butler, President Marygold & Co.


Chad Butler, President at Marygold & CO.

The rise of fintechs and challenger banks is changing the landscape in the US just like it has in Europe for recent years. US based, Chime and Simple, have made a strong entrance to market, so have Revolut, Monzo, N26 and others originated from Europe. Now Marygold & Co is entering the market with strong value proposition, for instance the ability to receive paychecks two days early, instantly sending money to anyone in the US with a phonenumber or email address, as well as user friendly savings methods and bill splitting with friends.

“The appetite for heavy investments when launching a new financial service is dropping and that’s where the Memento platform comes in. Banks and other financial services are successfully partnering with Platform-as-a-Service providers like Memento to minimize technical investment before projects are launched and, at the same time, increasing the probability of a fast and successful launch.The Marygold and Co service is a mixture of some of the strongest tech providers in the fintech space and we are excited to assemble them together into a customer-facing solution for the Marygold & Co’s customers. We look forward to working with all our new partners on this adventure, getting to know the US market and to help move the world of banking toward the new era of digitalization that the consumers are asking for.” Arnar Jónson, CEO of Memento Payments.

Arnar Jónsson, CEO of Memento Payments.


About Marygold & Co.

Launching in 2020, Marygold & Co. is bringing private banking solutions previously limited to the wealthy directly into the hands of everyday consumers, with no credit-checks and no minimum balances. Learn more about the company’s Mastercard debit card and fintech app solution by visiting

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Concierge Technologies is a diversified global holding firm with operating subsidiaries in financial services, beauty products, food manufacturing and security systems. Offices and manufacturing operations are in the U.S., New Zealand and Canada. For more information, visit

About Memento Payments

Memento Payments, founded in 2014, offers a Platform-as-a-Service to banks and other financial service providers. Memento is built on the idea that future banking services will not be built from ground up, but rather assembled by the best individual providers. The Memento platform allows its partners to connect quickly to the local gateways and bank API’s as well as KYC methods and other 3rd party services into a nicely designed customer-facing solution at a fraction of cost and time compared to other methods of development.