Memento – Best of Show at Finovate

  • gunnar

When it comes to conferences covering the future of banking and finance technology, Finovate is undeniably the crème de la crème. Finovate is a demo-focused conference in financial technology and we participated at our first in London in the beginning of this month.

Memento was voted Best of Show for its demo at Finovate this year. The Finovate – Best of Show awards acknowledge the most outstanding presentations, highlighting new technologies that challenge the limits of innovation in Fintech.

We finally debuted our long-term vision at the show; Bridging banks to social networks. Our demo was a short story about a group of friends planning a bachelor trip for one of their best friend who’s about to get married. We demonstrated how Memento’s platform can be used to reach friends spread over different social media. In the demo for instance, some were on FB & Messenger, others on WhatsApp and even one was on Skype.

We showed how a bank can now connect them all in one place, where it becomes easy to take care of shared expenses, such as flight tickets, snow-mobile rides and so forth. We also demonstrated the experience from different angles, where the audience witnessed friends getting notified through various channels and easily participate in anything that was lined up for them.

We showed how banks can position themselves in the middle of any kind of event related to payments by bridging their service to social networks. It doesn’t matter if it’s a group of friends raising money for a birthday gift, co-workers splitting bill for a meal or large charity fundraising – everything can be shared on social networks, privately or publicly. Of course everyone can easily participate, even without downloading or registering to a new app.

The core strength of Memento’s platform, and what makes it truly unique, is how well it serves the organiser, whose event can be shared everywhere, viewed by everyone and most importantly paid by everyone.  The organiser can even publicly shame his friends when they forget to pay him back!

Memento focuses on solving the painful disconnect between social networks and banking. At times where banks have trouble acquiring new customers we’ve built a bridge to social networks where today’s traffic takes place. Banks need to avoid becoming islands in the digital world and should consider offering great service for free to all potential customers and establish both emotional and trustworthy connections.

Thank you Finovate for a great event and thanks to those who visited us during the show. Hope to see you again next year.

At last, here’s some of Finovate’s best-of-tweets: