By Guðberg  | 20 Feb 2023

We are excited to announce that Memento is now integrated with Rapyd, a global payment solutions provider. This integration will allow Rapyd’s clients to leverage our white-label digital wallet solution to quickly and easily build their own custom digital wallets.

At Memento, we understand the importance of providing a seamless digital payment experience for our clients. With Rapyd’s robust wallet infrastructure and our customizable digital wallet solution, we can offer a fully integrated, end-to-end payment experience that is secure, reliable, and easy to use. Our digital wallet solution is designed to be fully customizable, giving clients the flexibility to tailor the solution to their specific needs.

Memento’s Wallet-as-a-Service

With Memento as your partner, your company can focus on serving clients and eliminate the need for a large tech team to operate a wallet solution.

A simple and intuitive card wallet app

A complete card application with a simple & intuitive design. You instantly provide your clients with a banking experience that matches the leading brands. With an app-source-code license, you feel in full control to extend your experience and offer custom features.

Yours to customize

The perfect balance between Out-of-the-Box and ability to customize. Rapyd's clients will be able to extend the base UI, tweak it and continue to create modules and screens using the Rapyd+Memento platform as the core.

Swap out old modules for fresh new looks, or spice things up with brand-specific add-ons.


  • Colors

  • Fonts

  • Icons

  • Languages

  • Text Strings

  • Card Layout

  • Button Shapes

  • Splash Screens

  • Illustration/Artworks

  • Replace/Add Own Modules

A new cloud-based approach to digital wallets

Companies have been forced to develop and run digital wallets in-house simply because digital wallet vendors have not eliminated the disadvantages of building in-house compellingly. Here’s how to fix that.

End-to-End ready to market - saving time, costs and headache

Without Memento

Without Memento, you build, run and maintain the back-end logic for your app, e.g., user onboarding, user accounts, and integrations, as well as securing optimized and scalable hosting - taking a long time to launch and requiring a well-skilled dev team.

With Memento

You can focus on your way-to-market strategy, branding, user experience, customer service, and growth. You could have your service launched within weeks and managed via a user-friendly admin dashboard.

Next steps

Request a demo, now

Are you currently using or considering using Rapyd for payouts, card issuing, or e-wallets? Do not hesitate to request a demo today, and learn how Memento can be your speedboat to a fully ready and branded wallet application your clients will love.