Changing the way banking is built

Memento’s Fintech engine is designed to build your financial services within days. Build banking services, a payment wallet for a cashless ecosystem or integrate our wallet and payment technology into your existing projects.

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A response to the changing landscape

Technology and regulations are coming of age in FinTech and it is do or die time for many financial institutions. The future belongs to those who understand and build relationships that surprise and delight but are also intensely integrated into the consumer's social and day-to-day life. Memento helps financial service providers to bring the best wallet experience to the market in a short time so that you can provide the financial service your customers expect. Digital wallets have already proved to be the next battle-field in financial service. Memento aims to be the leading wallet partner for financial service providers who aim to win their markets.

Built for banks

  1. Launch a digital wallet to the market within weeks

    Launch a digital wallet to the market within weeks

    Assemble your own digital wallet with Memento’s building blocks and become the center of your customers’ financial lives and a leader in your market. Memento is a one-stop shop for building, running, managing, and optimizing a digital Wallet.

  2. Bridge the gap between social media and your bank

    Bridge the gap between social media and your bank

    Meet your customers where they are. In the social media context where they have the payment need. We are the first company to truly bridge the gap between social media and banking as our wallet modules are designed to bridge banks to social media.

  3. Become a Fintech challenger - become PSD2 and GDPR ready

    Become a Fintech challenger - become PSD2 and GDPR ready

    Start to strengthen the relationship with new and existing customers by using the power of PSD2, GDPR and social features.


Launching the first wallet of an Icelandic bank - built with our platform.
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Fast implementation and excellent support

  1. Cloud based

    Cloud based

    A scalable cloud based platform with simple and fast integration to existing infrastructure.

  2. Short time to market

    Short time to market

    Receive our ready wallet modules and API base, integrate, customise and launch to your market within few weeks.

  3. Continuous development

    Continuous development

    Receive frequent updates to our modules so that you'll always have the best experience out there for your customers.

Memento & Islandsbanki join forces to add money-pool service to Kass – the popular digital wallet app.

Now providing everyone in Iceland with an easy way to raise money for anything - connecting the bank to social media.

  • gunnar

Islansbanki recently deployed Memento’s money-pool platform to the digital wallet app - Kass. The platform now allows users to create money pools for others to chip in, privately or publicly. The platform utilizes the unique design and underlying API technology of its…Read more

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  • This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 808006

  • Memento is supported by the Icelandic Technology Development Fund.